Native Advertisement – Good Marketing Plan or Not?

native advertisement

Native ads made up over 70% of display ads worldwide and its’ the fastest-growing part of the market.
So, if you are not including native advertising in your marketing strategy, you are missing out.

While the business has been targeting the global market, the importance of advertisement that meets the demands of customers has increased. When the type of advertising perfectly matches with the form and function of the platform upon which it appears, the benefit ratio is always higher. The native advertisement has been proven to the best solution for local and global business vendors. 

Today, we will find out if Native advertisement is really a good marketing plan for everyone entering the digital world, or if there are some hidden secrets. 

What Is Native Advertising?

By definition, native advertising is essentially a paid advertisement just like the traditional one. But instead of making the banner ads, native ads are disguised as original content by the platform. Also known as native content, it could either be Articles, infographics, videos, or anything. 

When your content meets with the site’s established editorial style and tone, the ads blend perfectly with the organic content and make it look so natural that it’s almost impossible to spot the ads. But native ads are different from content marketing as here we apply the “pay to play” service. Content marketing is not exactly advertising (it’s mostly information) while native advertising very much is.

Well, that sounds good. 

But is a native advertisement a Good Marketing plan? Native advertising works- most visitors feel that native ads are more trustworthy and engaging in comparison to traditional ads. Once the ads grab the attention of the customers, you are more likely to get more clicks and sales from native ads. 

Native advertisements appear in a different way. Firstly, it can be displayed as In-feed ads at the newsfeed of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram. Second, it appears in the search & promoted listings at the top or side of the Google SERPs. And lastly, it can be shown as recommended articles. 

Native advertising is working effectively as it is better received by their target audiences. Since it doesn’t “feel” like advertisements, people are rather inclined to view the ads and consume their content.

Here, brands can get their message across to visitors with a greater likelihood. It will allow people to learn about the product through content and gets over 50% higher views. Its CTR is also 40% higher than the traditional ads. 

To add more, Native ads increase product purchase intent by 18%. US advertisers along spend over $44 billion on native ads. The investment and application of native ads are increasing around the world because of their great function. 


So the answer to “is Native Advertisement a Good Marketing plan?’ is a big YES. In the next few years, it’s going to make the major portion of marketing strategy and you wouldn’t want to miss out. 

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