How to allocate the marketing budget is a matter of concern for all the business houses. It canbe difficult to simply pull a number out of the air. One of…

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QR code

QR Code – How to best use them for small business marketing?

With the introduction of faster and smarter technology each year, most people are now using their phones for everything. In the 21st century, everything is accessible in a snap- one…

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whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp Marketing- A new way to reach your customer

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook still remains the largest platform to engage with customers. But did you know that WhatsApp is second in the race with more than…

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email marketing

Is E-mail Marketing Dead?

There’s a myth that Millennials don’t use email anymore. You must have heard how social media is completely replacing email. But the truth is that nobody is abandoning email. Despite,…

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influencer marketing

All about Influencer Marketing

Marketers have been paying millions to have the face of movie stars and high-profile VIPs. Having the face of such high-profile individuals attached to the brand brings a good image,…

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banner blindness

Best Ways to Fight Banner Blindness

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Banner Blindness a true nightmare of every advertiser’s. But you can beat it today!! Learn the best ways to fight banner blindness to make…

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rural and urban marketing

Rural VS Urban Marketing Challenges to be Mindful of

Almost every business marketing targets the urban population. Easy access to the urban population to technology and infrastructure makes the advertisement easy. But as per the fact, more than 50%…

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advertising strategy

Advertising Strategy for Festive Season

As the major festival season approaches us, we must be prepared with the best advertising strategy. A festival like Dashain not only brings major changes in customers’ behavior but also…

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digital marketing

Five Things to Know About Digital Marketing in Nepal

Over the past few years, Nepal has been tilting towards the use of digital marketing. Traditional marketing makes the major portion of the advertisement network even today. The shift towards…

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online advertisement

Helpful Tips for Online Advertising

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, online advertising doesn’t fail to move along with such fast-pace. If you are going to sit with your advertising team, they are going to…

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