advertising strategy

Advertising Strategy for Festive Season

As the major festival season approaches us, we must be prepared with the best advertising strategy. A festival like Dashain not only brings major changes in customers’ behavior but also…

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digital marketing

Five Things to Know About Digital Marketing in Nepal

Over the past few years, Nepal has been tilting towards the use of digital marketing. Traditional marketing makes the major portion of the advertisement network even today. The shift towards…

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online advertisement

Helpful Tips for Online Advertising

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, online advertising doesn’t fail to move along with such fast-pace. If you are going to sit with your advertising team, they are going to…

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digital ad nepal

The Outcome Of Advertising in Recession

Marketing has a rule. The rule says ‘Never stop marketing’. But there is always an exception. Now, the question is ‘Is recession an exception?’ The market is always flexible. It…

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direct marketing

Is Direct Marketing Welcomed by People?

Over the past few years, the market has changed like never before.Everything has been circling around the internet. The advertisements, the leads, and the sales are now part of the…

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corona virus

New Normal

Nobel Coronavirus has made its way throughout the world, infecting millions of people. Along with the loss of human life, the world’s economy is also in crisis. Businesses are facing…

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digital marketing

Myths and MisConception of Digital Marketing

Over the years, digital marketing has evolved as a complex global entity. It has a wide broad channel to connect every part of the world. Today’s concept of global marketing…

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market after pandemic

Market After The Pandemic

The global pandemic of the Corona Virus has changed the way mankind lives and thinks. The financial market faced the biggest crisis as the economic activities around the globe shut…

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Impact of brand image

Impact of Brand Image on Customer Loyalty

Have you ever feel like buying something just for its popularity? Have you ever expressed trust for some random product only because it’s brand? Yeah, we have all done that….

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online lead generation

Online Lead Generation

Let’s begin with the basics. Digital marketing uses an online platform to inform a larger mass of the population about the existence of a product and eventually improve the sales….

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