ad network

What is an Ad Network?

The ads that appear in the middle of our YouTube video or the ones on the website we visit are all the contributions of the digital ad network. In the…

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native advertisement

Native Advertisement – Good Marketing Plan or Not?

Native ads made up over 70% of display ads worldwide and its’ the fastest-growing part of the market.So, if you are not including native advertising in your marketing strategy, you…

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digital transformation

Digital Transformation In Nepal

Nepal has embarked on technology and economic revolution after the digital transformation in the nation. The increasing investment in the digital technology of every field is unsettling the traditional business…

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email marketing

Is E-mail Marketing Dead?

There’s a myth that Millennials don’t use email anymore. You must have heard how social media is completely replacing email. But the truth is that nobody is abandoning email. Despite,…

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google search algorithm

Google Search Algorithm 2020 Updates

Google search engine now seems like an old system that is pretty easy to understand. But as a matter of fact, Google has a complex algorithm system that is used…

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influencer marketing

All about Influencer Marketing

Marketers have been paying millions to have the face of movie stars and high-profile VIPs. Having the face of such high-profile individuals attached to the brand brings a good image,…

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banner blindness

Best Ways to Fight Banner Blindness

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Banner Blindness a true nightmare of every advertiser’s. But you can beat it today!! Learn the best ways to fight banner blindness to make…

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clean feed policy in nepal

Clean Feed Policy in Nepal

For many years, Indian TV channels have made a huge impact in Nepalese society. From typical Indian TV serials to Bollywood movies and game channels, Indian shows have a huge…

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programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising – Everything You Need to Know

Programmatic advertising, as referred is the future of online marketing; it’s almost exponential in its growth. It’s the new form of marketing that is slowly rising to a great height….

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rural and urban marketing

Rural VS Urban Marketing Challenges to be Mindful of

Almost every business marketing targets the urban population. Easy access to the urban population to technology and infrastructure makes the advertisement easy. But as per the fact, more than 50%…

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