How to allocate the marketing budget is a matter of concern for all the business houses. It canbe difficult to simply pull a number out of the air. One of…

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Dos and Dont’s of ADs Placement

Sometimes, advertisers wish to display their ads on a specific location of the webpage (like the top right corner of the screen). But it’s up to the publishers to give…

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benefits of online marketing for banks

Benefits of Online Marketing for Banks

As consumers manage to live their life digitally, financial marketers are looking for new ways to reach among them. Through online and mobile channels, financial firms are significantly investing to…

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QR code

QR Code – How to best use them for small business marketing?

With the introduction of faster and smarter technology each year, most people are now using their phones for everything. In the 21st century, everything is accessible in a snap- one…

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whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp Marketing- A new way to reach your customer

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook still remains the largest platform to engage with customers. But did you know that WhatsApp is second in the race with more than…

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ad network

What is an Ad Network?

The ads that appear in the middle of our YouTube video or the ones on the website we visit are all the contributions of the digital ad network. In the…

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native advertisement

Native Advertisement – Good Marketing Plan or Not?

Native ads made up over 70% of display ads worldwide and its’ the fastest-growing part of the market.So, if you are not including native advertising in your marketing strategy, you…

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digital transformation

Digital Transformation In Nepal

Nepal has embarked on technology and economic revolution after the digital transformation in the nation. The increasing investment in the digital technology of every field is unsettling the traditional business…

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email marketing

Is E-mail Marketing Dead?

There’s a myth that Millennials don’t use email anymore. You must have heard how social media is completely replacing email. But the truth is that nobody is abandoning email. Despite,…

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google search algorithm

Google Search Algorithm 2020 Updates

Google search engine now seems like an old system that is pretty easy to understand. But as a matter of fact, Google has a complex algorithm system that is used…

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