How to allocate the marketing budget is a matter of concern for all the business houses. It canbe difficult to simply pull a number out of the air. One of…

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google search algorithm

Google Search Algorithm 2020 Updates

Google search engine now seems like an old system that is pretty easy to understand. But as a matter of fact, Google has a complex algorithm system that is used…

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influencer marketing

All about Influencer Marketing

Marketers have been paying millions to have the face of movie stars and high-profile VIPs. Having the face of such high-profile individuals attached to the brand brings a good image,…

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clean feed policy in nepal

Clean Feed Policy in Nepal

For many years, Indian TV channels have made a huge impact in Nepalese society. From typical Indian TV serials to Bollywood movies and game channels, Indian shows have a huge…

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programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising – Everything You Need to Know

Programmatic advertising, as referred is the future of online marketing; it’s almost exponential in its growth. It’s the new form of marketing that is slowly rising to a great height….

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lead generation

How to Run a Lead Generation Campaign?

Running a successful lead generation campaign means achieving higher growth and higher profits. The purpose of the campaign is to drive sales leads by increasing the webinar registrations. Generating leads…

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Why Does Your Website Need SEO?

Do you own a website with a beautiful design and all the necessary navigation buttons? Then, you are only halfway through your ranking processes. The other half (or even more…

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digital agency vs digital ad network

Digital Agency VS Digital AD Network

Many many traditional ad agencies call themselves as a digital agency. As a result, the distinction between Digital Agency and Digital Ad Network gets fuzzy and confusing.Distinguishing the differences between…

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digital nepal

6 Reasons Why You Need Online Presence

The internet has ruled everything, especially for the business world. The ubiquity of internet-connected devices has revolutionized the way consumers interact with the business owner. Now, it’s easier to market…

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mobile desktop traffic

Mobile VS Desktop Traffic

Every passing year, the landscape of technology is changing. The way people are connecting within the web is changing each time. The number of mobile users for social media has…

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