Ways To Earn From Website Visitors

ways to earn from website visitors

Making good money from your web page is not a myth. Turning a part-time/hobby of writing a blog into an income-generating asset are common. All you need is some hard work and a bit of Luck. The actual treasure for a website is its visitors. It will take a while before your website starts getting flooded with visitors. Once your web page starts getting visitors, there are multiple ways you can generate income. Here, we have listed multiple ways to earn from website visitors.

Let’s learn about them in detail:

Pay Per Click Advertising

Ad Sense links publishers to Google’s immense ad network so that advertisers can run their ads on your website. All you need to do is to sign up with your Google account and place a simple code on your website. Then, they will identify the content of your site and display relevant advertisements. For example, if your site is about travel Google Ad Sense will show your visitors ads for vehicle and trekking packages.
Then after, you will get paid each time your visitors click on the ad. Your cut might be somewhere from $0.10 to $5 per click. If you have a huge number of visitors, you can make hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the quickest way to make money from your website. First, find a product you like the best and then recommend it to the visitors. Then you can endorse the product on your website and send mail to the email subscribers. The commission you might get can be 30% to 70%. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Sell Ad Space

Another simple way to utilize your visitors is by selling your own ad space to any companies looking to sponsor blogs. You can come up with your own price range for each space and get paid depending on the number of visitors you get.
Typically, the market rate for selling your ad space is a dollar amount per one thousand impressions. You might also get it up to $5 CPM. For example, if your website has 100,000 visitors per month you can earn up to $500 bucks.

Sell Your Own Product

If you can make money on a per-sale basis, why not sell your products? There will be no middle-man between you and the customers that are taking some ‘cut’ from the money earned.
This is fairly straight forward method as you can get paid immediately. unfortunately, it is not so simple in reality. First, you need to create a good product. Producing and designing such content demands much time and dedication, but the profit you make is worth the hard work.

To sum up,

If your blog has huge number of visitors, you are already in profit. There are many ways you can make a good sum of money from them. You might pick any technique mentioned above and make your business grow.

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