Myths and MisConception of Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Over the years, digital marketing has evolved as a complex global entity. It has a wide broad channel to connect every part of the world. Today’s concept of global marketing was possible only because of digital marketing. But like all other wonderful things, digital marketing is also shrouded in lots of myths and misconceptions. These misbelieve continue to grope in the extreme dark-doing no good for anyone.
Here, we attempt to debunk some of these common myths and misconceptions about digital marketing.

1. Creating a website is ultimate

Many small and large business owners believe that having a website is enough for a strong online presence. Many do not understand the need to post regular content and have recent updates. While the world of online marketing is constantly evolving, they are happy with a website designed years ago. The old website without any regular content does not attract the right visitors.

2. Online marketing is for small business

Surprisingly, many business owners believe that going digital is only for big business. It’s a matter of fact that digital marketing has a global presence and can take you to the international level. But it also has visions for targeting the local market. The low investment in marketing costs and a strong local presence makes it ideal for small businesses as well. It prevents you from the need to establish a call center or even build a physical shop. And, the insight and analytical information about the target customer are useful for small business. To sum up, the digital market is actually a platform for small businesses to grow bigger.

3. Digital marketing demands large website traffic

Well, the higher traffic indicates better performance and the number of potential customers is also higher. But that doesn’t mean each visitors convert into a buyer. The key to successful digital marketing is quality over quantity. Attracting the right kinds of visitors instead of a large number is the goal of digital marketing. So, you should avoid getting into the race of increasing viewers and try to attract targeted visitors only.

4. One-to-one marketing is not available

Unlike what most people believe, one-to-one marketing is possible in digital marketing. It allows you to personalize the content to increase the credibility of your brand. You will have all the information regarding the interest of your customers. This helps to build a personal relationship with the possible buyer through email or social media.

5. Quality of content doesn’t matter

Many people are aware that they need to post content on their website. But they also think that any content related to the topic is useful and its quality doesn’t mean a thing. But the success of digital marketing doesn’t rely on the highest number of content. The ideal digital marketing involves SEO friendly content that is relevant to the target customers. With the useful content, the possible buyer spends more time on your website.

After this, we hope that you have a fresh insight into the world of online advertisement.

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