advertisement nepal

New Technology In ADs

The landscape of digital advertising is changing rapidly. New technologies have emerged so quickly that it is not just disrupting the traditional online ads, but it is changing the way…

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click through rate

Average CTR Ratio of Different ADs

Average Click-Through Ratio (CTR) is the ratio of total ads clicks to impressions in an ad campaign. Basic CTR measures the click rate on each ad while the average click-through…

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google ads nepal

Problems of Facebook & Google ADs in Nepal

Google’s search network and Facebook’s ads are the places to reach large customers. Facebook has over two billion active users. This means Facebook is a hotbed for the user activity….

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google ads in nepal

Google ADs in Nepal

Did you know that 70% of small and medium scale businesses use pay-per-click method for income? With such a huge number of companies advertising with the number of online platforms…

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digital nepal

Digital Marketing In Nepal

For today’s world built out of technology and the internet, digital marketing is an obvious thing. Globally, Online Marketing has marked it’s solid presence for more than a decade now….

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corona virus

Impact of Corona Virus on Business

As coronavirus is making its way across the globe, the entire globe is on high alert to deal with the pandemic. When it comes to such treat, human lives and…

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admana technology

Why Admana Technology Platform Rather Than Other Media Options?

Difference between a badly failed business- and a successfully thriving one is their strategies to attract targeted audiences. With the evolution of technologies, especially the internet, all classes of business…

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digital ads

Digital ADs The Next Future

We’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in factors and forms powered by technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality. There’s no doubt that information technology will continue…

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