Impact of brand image

Impact of Brand Image on Customer Loyalty

Have you ever feel like buying something just for its popularity? Have you ever expressed trust for some random product only because it’s brand? Yeah, we have all done that….

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advertising impact on customer behavior

How Does Advertising Impact Customer Behavior?

Let’s begin with the basic idea we have. What is a procedure for a person to become a customer? The first step is always information. First and foremost, the audience…

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online lead generation

Online Lead Generation

Let’s begin with the basics. Digital marketing uses an online platform to inform a larger mass of the population about the existence of a product and eventually improve the sales….

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challenges for marketers during pandemic

Challenges for Marketers During CoronaVirus Outbreak

The novel coronavirus is spreading tremendously across the globe. Along with the loss in human life, it has an impact on the global economy. Most countries in the world are…

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how can you get more traffic

How Can You Get More Traffic?

Getting website traffic is the driver of a growing business. Increasing website traffic can be a cost-effective way to improve your sales. Getting more traffic through organic search is a…

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ad network nepal

GIF Ads VS Image/Text Ads

GIF is the little space between images and videos which is unpronounceable strength of the internet. For a long time, GIF has been used as a part of conversation and…

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marketing nepal

Is Direct Marketing an Effective Form of Marketing

In marketing, customer are the hero. Whatever concept, strategy, or techniques you apply, it’s the customer who decides your faith. Thus, their view or interest is of utmost importance. Direct…

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New ways to monetize form websites and apps in nepal

New Ways to Monetize From Websites and App in Nepal

Let me be honest here. Growing up in Nepal as hard. Everyone expects you to find a “real job”. No getting a 9 to 5 job make your life seems…

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facebook Instant Article

Facebook Instant Article

It’s obvious that patience is not something the public has anymore. As per the research, 47% of the public expects any web page to open in less than 2 seconds….

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Ccovid-19 advertising

Advertising During Pandemic

As the world crumbles with the spread of a pandemic, the business world is experiencing a huge change. As the production and consumption rate declines, the marketing of experience a…

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