corona virus

New Normal

Nobel Coronavirus has made its way throughout the world, infecting millions of people. Along with the loss of human life, the world’s economy is also in crisis. Businesses are facing…

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lead volume lead quality

Lead Volume VS Lead Quality

Traditional marketing strategies have been long focusing on lead quantity. The use of a wide number of networks to capture greater leads proves the fact. The ability to captivate higher…

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mobile desktop traffic

Mobile VS Desktop Traffic

Every passing year, the landscape of technology is changing. The way people are connecting within the web is changing each time. The number of mobile users for social media has…

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power of content

The Power of Content

Inbound marketing is a strong approach that online businesses have been using for a while. If you are not presenting the right kind of content with all strategies and tactics…

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What AdMana Does Best Other Than Rest?

Online marketing has two expects- Quality and Quantity. We, AdMana Technology stand strong in both.AdMana Technology is a digital ad network platform in Nepal. We have been serving the market…

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digital marketing

Myths and MisConception of Digital Marketing

Over the years, digital marketing has evolved as a complex global entity. It has a wide broad channel to connect every part of the world. Today’s concept of global marketing…

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market after pandemic

Market After The Pandemic

The global pandemic of the Corona Virus has changed the way mankind lives and thinks. The financial market faced the biggest crisis as the economic activities around the globe shut…

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promote brand online with ad network

Promoting Your Brand Online with AD Network

Greater number of customer comes with a bigger brand image. Over time, we have realized that the growing recognition of the brand is vital for a strong presence in the…

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ways to earn from website visitors

Ways To Earn From Website Visitors

Making good money from your web page is not a myth. Turning a part-time/hobby of writing a blog into an income-generating asset are common. All you need is some hard…

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display ads nepal

Ways to Display ADs on Websites of Nepal

With the advent of the flourishing use of the internet, digitizing has been basic for the business. The advancement towards digital business is a game-changer for the marketing world. In…

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